Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting Started

I pulled out the pattern for the bridesmaid dress today and an old sheet. Maggie's size is going to require a significant amount of alteration, so I'm making a trial-dress first, to be sure I've gotten pretty close to the correct adjustments. So we checked the pattern pieces and laid them out on the practice-fabric while watching the Michigan State game. (Kinda hard to say "Go State" so instead we can cheer "Go Big Ten!")

I wanted to post a picture of the beginning efforts on the dress, but I can't seem to upload photos. And here I was going to spend the evening uploading photos from the wedding shower too. Hmmm, this is something that's going to take some repair work. I went back and hunted my blog to discover that I have, indeed, successfully uploaded photos since the computer remake. So something else has happened in the meantime. Hmm.

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