Thursday, March 19, 2009

Successful Schools

Take a toaster. Use it to make yourself a milkshake.

What? You say it doesn't work? You say a toaster is designed to make toast? A blender is for making milkshakes? You mean to say that different tools are intended to be used to accomplish different tasks? Really?

What is a school supposed to accomplish?

Some of us think a school is supposed to teach kids to read, write, and do math. And to think! We all want kids to learn those things.

But what if a school is supposed to teach kids to be the citizens that the intellectual elite want them to be? To be dependent upon the government? To be good little consumers? To toe the intellectual line?

How do the schools get "fixed" if we can't agree on whether they're supposed to make milkshakes or toast?

Go read Jane's initial thoughts on the Gatto book she's currently reading!!!

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