Friday, February 13, 2009

Exercise and Depression

"They say" that exercise helps with depression. Every now and then you get a chance --against your will-- to check that out with a nice, scientific experiment. For the last week, sores on my feet prevented my 2-3 miles of brisk walking daily ... even on those absolutely gorgeous and sunny (and warm!) days. And boy, my mood sure has taken a hit. Of course, the "stimulus" package from Congress, the notice that there will be no raises at work, and the broken computer haven't exactly brought cheer -- although "no layoffs at work" IS good news.

I've learned this lesson before about the exercise. It's important for me to remember that the daily outdoor exercise is critical to health, and not just for long-term health, but even for next week's health. But there's not a lot you can do when you have to walk around the house gingerly to do simple things like set the table or throw in a load of laundry. My owies are improving, though, and I'm hoping to give it a whirl again soon for the walking.


  1. You totally have my sympathy on this one. My right foot has been killing me, the physical therapist confirmed my worst fears, due to an old injury the bones are fused in the top of my foot and I'm to ride or swim but no more 2 or 3 mile walks in the sunshine for exercise. I have my new stationary bike in the window, it just isn't the same. Here's praying your foot heals quickly and when it does you get some great sunshiny days to walk in!

  2. Oh, Gina, what does that mean about the zoo or an arboretum? Is it still okay to go for a walk if you mosey your way along?

  3. I've been glad to discover that just *being outside* helps, too. I was finally able to get out in the dirt and the fresh air a week ago. I didn't really do any walking, but cleaned up the yard a bit and spread black plastic over where the new veggie garden will go.

    Oh, it felt sooooo good! (But now the bitter cold and grey returns...)