Friday, January 30, 2009

Too Much Law

A Wall Street Journal article by Philip Howard hits the nail on the head: America is being paralyzed by laws and the fear of being sued. I'm afraid to start a business to supplement the family income because I have no idea how I'd maneuver my way through all the legalities. Children may not run on the playground, doctors order too many tests, and a teacher cannot hug a crying child. All because we're afraid of gazillions of laws. The article is good reading, not too long, and broaches the topic of how to fix the problem, how we might be made safe from our fear of transgressing laws at every turn.

Later addition: Come to think of it, there are connections between this societal problem and the theological problem. Christians who have been set free from the law are able to serve their neighbor in freedom and do what needs to be done as their pour out their lives in love for one another. But those who are bound by the law are busy keeping an eye on themselves, for fear of a wrathful god. When the govt is crazy-in-love with laws, the citizenry is bound and cannot go about solving their own problems and creating their own prosperity.

Hat tip: Jane.

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