Friday, January 30, 2009


The kids have watched episodes at Jane's house. I'd never seen the show until last night.

We loved it!!!!

And they follow the scientific method step-by-step. (See, kids? They have a question or a problem. They come up with a guess. They do research by asking others, as well as by setting up experiments to do their own research. They limit variables in the experiments. They carefully record the data. And at the end, they clearly state their conclusions. This show is, like, the poster-boy for showing kids how real people follow the scientific method.)

The guys love how they blow up things.

Netflix carries the tv series.
(Probably not appropriate for kids under 10, but you know your own kids....)


  1. Mythbusters is awesome. My boys have learned so much science from that show!

  2. All of my kids love that show!

  3. My kids love it, too! I think Chris started watching it when he was eight or nine, so that makes Maggie about 3 or 4.

    She did say "What the H*LL" once (Adam does that a lot), and I just had to tell her once that we don't say that, even if Adam does.

    That's really been the only problem we've had. I like the later seasons better when they have Grant Carey and Tory...because when it was just Adam and Jamie, they got kind of hostile.

  4. True, RPW, there's some language, but there's also that guy in the corner of the office who's being beheaded or something. Not sure what it is, but it's ugly! My Maggie and I have to avert our eyes from that... blech!

  5. Oh, yeah, and depending on the kid, they definitely have to KNOW INTERNALLY (and not just being told) about "do not try this at home"!!!

  6. Our family loves this show. Mike and the boys have done several of the experiments after watching Adam and Jamie at work. Our all time favorite is the Diet Coke and Mentos trick.

    You might be able to pick them up at your local library also. Our library carries a number of the shows.