Friday, January 02, 2009

Today's Laugh

It can be interesting to live with a person who has central auditory processing disorder. The standard definition of dyslexia is that the letters on the page seem to jumble around in whatever order. Well, CAP disorder is when the sounds jumble around in the brain. Sometimes things come out of Maggie's mouth that are confusing, sometimes funny, but usually something that we can puzzle out as to what she means. And if we don't get it, on the second or third try, the correct word will often pop out of her mouth, and then we're all good to go.

So today I'm dishing up bean soup for lunch. And Maggie says, "I only want a funeral."

A funeral?
She wants a funeral?
Who died???

I question her. Again, she only wants a funeral. As soon as I said the word back to her, the right word came to mind: she only wants a spoonful.

She and I both laughed.

But when you think about it, over half the sounds in those words are the same, so I can see why it happened. But of course one of the brothers had to toss out, "Funeral? What? I know you don't like bean soup very much, but it's not like Mom put poison in it!"

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