Monday, December 29, 2008

Giving Up

Halloween is October 31.
People carve jack-o-lanterns in October.
They light them for decorations for Halloween.

My pumpkin didn't get carved for Halloween.
Okay, we could put a turkey on it instead.
It didn't get carved for Thanksgiving.
Okay, we could put a Christmas decoration on it instead.
It didn't get carved for Christmas.
I was thinking we could put a New Years carving into the pumpkin.

But instead

I just threw it out a few minutes ago.

I feel wasteful.

But how dumb would I feel with a Valentine carved into a pumpkin???


  1. Yours too! Our pumpkin is sitting in our cold basement, on the floor it's waiting for the day when the weather is nice enough and we have a place to go shoot it. Lol, I just can't stand to throw it away and so we are going to take it out for some target practice.

  2. I think, not that anyone's asking me about these sorts of things, that there's a statute of limitations of food products.

    Sadly, I've accidentally on-purpose forgotten something in the freezer and chucked it a year later. Not all my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants cooking is actually edible.

  3. You're still ahead of me - I didn't even GET a pumpkin this year. I think it would feel more silly to buy one for Valentine's Day! :)