Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow Tally

Snow tally for the month:
8" on December 1
3" worth of shoveling drifts on December 2
6" on December 3
3" on December 6
4" on December 9
2" worth of shoveling drifts on December 10
4" on December 16
12" on December 19
2" on December 20
6" worth of shoveling drifts on December 21
6" worth of shoveling drifts on December 22

5" on December 23
4" on December 24
rain to shrink the piles on December 27
2" on December 28
½" on December 30

Newspaper reported 41" before the Official First Day of Winter.
They said it was the snowiest fall on record here.
(Can you see me rolling my eyes and sighing???)
Thankfully, we've only had a foot since then.


  1. I'm a WI transplant as well... on vicarage in Howards Grove, WI (up by Sheboygan). They sure rolled out the welcome mat in terms of weather.

    BTW... I think your blog is great. I've been reading for some time now via your RSS feed.

  2. Thanks, Sam! I want to comfort you with the assurances that it's not usually this bad during winter (y'know, just in case you are assigned here for your call)... but with "global warming," I suppose we can expect more of this weather as God sits in heaven and laughs at us and our scientists. Maybe I should invest in a snow-shovel and ice-melt company?