Monday, December 22, 2008


My pared-down goals for the day were to:
finish clearing snow off the driveway,
clean the bathrooms,
make supper,
buy milk,
make bread.

I had to BUY bread at the end of last week. With company and with snow-shoveling and with Lessons & Carols, we have done almost no housecleaning, not even the daily chores, and the yuckiness is beginning to get to me. And eating supper would be a nice idea.

I did not think this was an overly ambitious plan. When I see what needs to be done, this is barely a drop in the bucket. But I haven't started on bread or kombucha or cleaning or laundry or granola. I have no idea what we might eat for supper. All I've done so far today is buy milk and work on snow.

Thing is, with three hours of hard physical labor so far, picking away at the snow piles, I haven't even begun to clear the driveway yet. There was no place to PUT the drifts from Saturday night and Sunday. I have spent the day moving piles -- taking chest-high piles of snow and throwing them 5-10' further from the driveway, making massive eye-high piles of snow. At least now I've got a place to try to move the drifts to. And a place to put the snow that's due to fall from tonight until Wednesday night.

I think I'm going to have to buy more bread.

I think I'll take of my glasses before entering the bathroom. That way I won't be able to see the ick.

It's very cold outside.

Maggie is inside, barfing.

Gary was hoping we could go Christmas shopping tonight. There are no guarantees I'll still be awake by the time the guys get home from work at 5:30 or 6.

Do you know there are people who LIKE snow?

I'd like to say I'm done whining now,
but it would probably be a lie.


  1. Barfing? Oh, man. I'm so sorry, Susan! (Feel better soon, Maggie!)

    (BTW, is there room under that rock for me? 'Cus I had to ship Sparkle's cello back today and we got notice of our health insur. going up AGAIN, and I'd just like to crawl under that rock for a long, long time!)

  2. Does the cello need repairs? Or has she outgrown it? Or is this just the admission that she refuses to play?

    Owie! on the health insurance. I haven't heard news about ours yet.

  3. We had kept the cello after lessons went down in a blaze of glory last spring and we quit. We thought maybe she'd be able to start again this fall - uh-uh, ain't going to happen, probably ever. *Maybe* at some point she'll be able to take piano, but even that is starting to seem iffy.

    It was hard to pack it, letting go of dreams I had for her to be involved in Suzuki method, and reliving the embarrassment under which we had to quit. Sigh. Sorry for the "tmi" post.