Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blog-Worthy Accomplishment

I turned on the TV.

Yes, I did.
First time since we got the digital converter box last summer.

I wanted to listen to the Christmas music on PBS. Paul was in the living room. He gallantly jumped up to help his mother. But I insisted that he just sit down and laugh at my ineptitude, and give me minimal pointers only as requested.

And you know what?
I did it without his help!
Of course, I punched some wrong buttons and did some stupid things first. But eventually I got the television turned on AND the channel changed.

I think I deserve a big pat on the back.

By the way, smoothies made of raspberries, raw apple, pomegranate-blueberry juice, raw milk, raw banana, raw kiwi, and honey.... ooooooh, it makes your tastebuds happy. If only my tongue were as long as a giraffe's, then I could lick up the inside of the smoothie glass to savor every last drop. Mmmmm.


  1. Does the converter box improve reception of over-the-air channels?

    I've got the welfare check, I mean, REBATE check for the converter box, but I'm oh so tempted to just let the TV die. We only get PBS anyway.

  2. Our reception improved a little.

    The cool thing, though, is you get multiple PBS stations. Like, we get a weather channel, a classical music channel, a jazz music channel, a channel with cooking & art & travel, and a couple of others.

  3. REALLY? Oh, that sounds worth it!