Thursday, August 14, 2008


The weather has been awesome the last two weeks. (At least, it has for people! Not so much for tomatoes, corn, and green beans.) Highs have been in the high-70s, and lows during the night in the high-50s. That's mighty comfortable for sleeping. And the days have not been the hot, miserable, muggy days you expect from August. Maggie asked a few days ago if summer is done. I doubt it; I expect some days yet in the 90s. And my tomatoes need it. But I won't be surprised if they don't materialize. Even the Chicago Tribune, not exactly a right-leaning newspaper, reports how cool things have been this entire decade.

Tell me again about global warming?....


  1. Yeah. Global warming. My tomatoes are disappointed.

  2. No cooler temps here. This weekend is supposed to be around 103. It's been really hot all summer :(