Sunday, August 10, 2008


For the last couple of weeks, I've been using Palmolive exclusively as the dish soap. And my hands are not chapped. They are not bleeding. They are healthy.

I have tried all sorts of different dish soaps, "green" ones and healthy ones and cheap ones and expensive ones. With different soaps I could sometimes see a difference in how bad the rashes were. But they never actually healed. It never got that much better, to be healed.

And now I'm washing dishes without rubber gloves and still my hands are fine. This is amazing!


  1. I love Palmolive and only use it after growing up using only Ivory. But boy do I love Palmolive even more. So when you come to visit, you can still do dishes since I'll have what you like on hand. ;-)

  2. And it so happens that the reason I am at the computer at the moment is because I need to google-map your address. Paul and I need a place to sleep next Friday night, and I was wondering if you'd share a couch or some floor space with some heading-to-Mankato folks. I'll call you. I just figured it would be easier to find out where you actually live first, before I call.