Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture Day

I managed to get the last of the unpacking indoors done today. Yee haw! When I finally got that last room neatened and orderly, (like, y'know, I am finally able to WALK THROUGH that room) in a much quicker time-frame than I'd anticipated, I was rarin' to go finish all the unpacking and get the boxes in the garage taken care of.

Maggie and I sat down at the computer to sort through some photos for a gift we're working on. We looked through Facebook pages. We looked through our files. And then Paul came home from work, and we started sorting through hundreds (thousands?) of his pictures. We copied some of them into our picture files. We were having way too much fun, and not getting supper made, and not unpacking any boxes, and not doing any schoolwork, and not sweeping nor dusting anything.

Pictures are addictive!

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