Thursday, August 21, 2008


As of 4:28 this afternoon, 166 days after moving, I am done unpacking.

Now, that doesn't mean things are totally done. There are plenty of projects that still need to be accomplished that go with moving (the vent over the stove, digging up a garden plot so the grass can rot over winter, finishing the deck repairs, improving the wireless, hooking up the tv antenna, repairing a slightly mildewy spot under one sink, and re-painting with scrubbable paint. But if we get to only a couple of those things in the next months (or year), I will survive and even be able to function just fine. Ah, yes, there are also boxes of books and homeschooling items and wall decorations in the garage that need to be sold or otherwise disposed of ... or possibly stored.

But the unpacking and the decisions of where to put things,
And it's worth rejoicing over!

Now I can get on with life. (Whew. It's about time.)


  1. Hey, I am pondering having a garage sale....late September early October.

  2. Woo-hoo! Rejoicing with you down here in Chicagoland!

  3. Wow Susan, I am VERY happy for you and impressed! It took us four years....LOL