Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gyro Secret

I like gyros. But the meat is specially processed, and not easily available. And pita bread is not something I always keep on hand.

Well, Andrew and I made a discovery today!

He was being inventive with his cooking. He put together sandwiches made of whole-wheat tortillas smeared with a little cream cheese, and then added some spicy deli beef, cheese, and sliced cucumbers. A couple days ago we made creamed cucumbers (mayo, onion, salt, sugar, pepper, cayenne, and garlic). Well, we've discovered that you never never never ditch that sauce. The cucumbers soak in that sauce, and after a day the sauce gets thin and runny with this cucumbery taste. It makes a great dressing to put on fresh tomatoes. But today (oh, heavenly-tasting day!) Andrew used some of this sauce on his tortilla concoction. And the result had THAT flavor, the flavor I LOVE from the gyros. So it's not really the gyro that I love, but the cucumbery sauce.

And that means I can revel in this flavor a whole lot more often! Wooo hooo!

(Somehow we are going to have to turn Andrew into a world-ranking chef....)


  1. Would your farmer friend raise sheep? I make gyros with plain old ground lamb. I'm just sayin'.

  2. Susan,
    Because I know you regularly make tortillas, you should know that homemade pita bread is way easy. Andrew could come up with a pretty mean sandwich with some yummy fresh pita!

  3. How 'bout posting the recipe for the yummy cuke sauce. That sounds really great!