Friday, December 15, 2006

Cooking Lessons

A child is called into the kitchen to slice apples with the cool tool that the kids love to use. She has a hard time placing the apples on the tines straight, so that the corer cuts out the core instead of the good part of the apple.

Lesson the child learns? If you can't get the apple on straight, the machine often breaks the apple into big chunks instead of slicing it nicely.

Lesson the mom learns? If you have to cut cores out of already-sliced apples, it would've been easier to do it yourself.

A child is making the topping for Apple Betty. He needs to measure the brown sugar. What's left in the container "looks about right." So he asks the mother. She says it's not enough and that he needs to open the new bag to get more sugar. So he dumps the contents of the container into the melted butter and proceeds to open the new bag of sugar.

Lesson the child learns? Once you've dumped sugar into a liquid, it is very hard to measure the sugar to know how much is there, and how much more you need.

Lesson the mom learns? Sometimes it's easier to do it yourself.

The child who is neglecting to measure the sugar plops the tightly packed brown sugar into a bowl of melted butter.

Lesson the child learns? Throwing a huge clump of brown sugar into melted butter surprisingly causes the melted butter to splash violently out of the bowl. (Who'da thunk it?)

Lesson the mom learns? Sometimes it's easier to do it yourself.

Now, how does the mom unlearn the lesson that her children so thoroughly taught her today? Because if she doesn't unlearn her lesson, the children will never get a chance to make more mistakes and eventually learn to do it right.

Oh, but melted butter splashed all over.....


  1. Oh, but melted butter splashed all over.......

    Can't be as messy as turkey gravy splashed all over! 8~)

    Keep plugging away at it Susan. My Mom was one to shew us out of the kitchen when she cooked so I was a lousy cook when I was first married. And in spite of dropping a turkey, I'm pretty good now!


  2. I have a willing helper who is still too short to safely work with knives at counter height or the stove at all. She will (hopefully) have gained more coordination by the time the height comes along. Some things like using the counter top mixer bring her joy, and that she can safely do from the step stool.

    I empathize with the drudgery of teaching the kids all the how to's. I used the day my daughter spent taking care of her grandmother to do all my Christmas baking! I didn't have to feel guilty about it this time, because while I was baking at home, she and her grandparents were baking at my in-laws house.