Saturday, March 07, 2015

Today's Laugh

George delivers wine to liquor stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.  Yesterday he pulled up to the loading dock at the grocery store, right next to the bakery truck.  The delivery man was poking around in the back of the truck, setting aside some boxes to be hoisted onto the dolly.  By the time George had made his deliveries and returned to his truck, the bakery fellow was perched on the edge of the truck bed, thinking about climbing out of the back of his truck and meandering indoors with the first part of his delivery. 

George asks, "So, are you going to get off your buns, or sit around and loaf all day?"

And after I related the tale last night at supper,
witty Maggie pipes up with, "And the bakery 
guy responds, 'Oh, quit your whining.'"

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