Saturday, March 07, 2015


I'm done.  We haven't been fully satisfied with anything we've ordered from eShakti.

First dress (for Maggie) -- Too narrow in the shoulders.  Cannot be worn at all.

Second dress (for me) -- Fits okay but not quite right.  Definitely wearable and attractive.  But really should have a couple of alterations.

Third dress (for Maggie) -- After a long wait, they notified us that they were out of that particular fabric.  They credited us for the dress.

Fourth dress (for Maggie) to replace the third which never came -- We paid for a customized (more modest) neckline than the standard one, but the dress arrived very lowcut, with virtually no cloth in the shoulders.  That results in an ill fit, so that even with a scarf or a tube-top for modesty, the dress falls off her shoulders.  After three weeks of calling, leaving messages, waiting for responses and not getting them, I finally heard back.  They say the dress is exactly what I ordered.

I quit.  If I return the dress at this point, my refund will be too small to purchase another dress without handing over yet more money.  No use trying. 

I thought, with eShakti, I had found a solution to the problem of sewing for Maggie.  Supposedly they have all the information already gathered to customize a dress to a person's measurements.  I thought I would no longer have to create a pattern, sew a mock-up, adjust and build a new pattern, sew another mock-up, and then readjust the pattern before sewing the real dress.  Nope.  Back to the hard way.

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