Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Wedding Registry

This may be tacky, but here we go ...

Because people have asked about Andrew & Olivia's wedding registry, I'm announcing that they are registered at Kohl's and at Target. 

However, those are ideas, suggestions.  If you see something on one of those lists, and can find a better deal, or have a nice hand-me-down, or would prefer to give something similar but not what's on the registry, please do not be confined to The List. 

Personally, I often stick to what's listed on a registry because I know the purchase will knock that item off the list, making it less likely for the couple to receive duplicates.  So here's my suggestion:  If you find something on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond, or if you find something at Walmart for half-price, or if you're sewing hand-made kitchen towels, let me know.  I will tell Olivia and Andrew to adjust their registry, taking the item off their wish-list. 

End of advertisement.

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