Saturday, June 07, 2014

Brain Recovery

Been home from the hospital for two weeks now.

This morning virtually all the kids left for a marvelous family reunion.  It's just Gary and me at home.  Doctors said I couldn't make the trip.  My body confirms the fact that I am grounded.  Bummers.

However, ...

Yesterday my physical therapist lifted my restriction of needing 24-hour supervision.
And she told me that, most of the time, I should not be using the walker.
And she told me I could use the stairs.  (I saw the basement today for the first time post-crash.  It was still there, and thanks to Maggie's hard work, the laundry was done.)

Hair has grown to maybe a half-inch.  I still think I'm bald, but Gary thinks he's the one who's actually bald.

I'm off all the narcotics.  Boy, withdrawal is nasty.  I guess I can see why people might want to keep taking the medicine when they don't need it ... if it relieves the withdrawal symptoms.  But to dive into taking these pills for "fun"??  [shudder]

I finally approached the stove.  I cooked a fried egg yesterday and heated some soup today.  Nothing exploded or caught fire.  But for the most part, dear friends and church-members are preparing most of our meals.

Maggie and I planted two tomatoes in the raised bed I had prepped the day before my crash.  Because of the prior physical labor, it wasn't hard to get some tomato plants in the dirt, especially with Mag's help.  And, oh!!, the wondiferous smell of tomato leaves!  Also, the strawberries have just begun to turn red.  Alia ate the first one yesterday and highly approved.  Gary picked four today.  Mmmmm.

I'm yearning for a bottle of kombucha or a beer.  And it's four whole weeks more until I see the neurologist and can even ask about moving in that direction.


  1. Loving reading your words here. They sound so very Susan. :-)

  2. During my speech therapy evaluation, the therapist determined that there was no need to work on my writing. :-)
    (Even my typing is getting better. I now backspace a whole lot, as opposed to multiple times on each word.)

  3. I agree with Cheryl, this sounds so you. And I'm just so glad to be reading your words, even if I'm a bit late. :)