Friday, March 14, 2014

So, They WERE Told, and Quite Clearly

Continuing on the theme of "but I always pictured it that way,"
somehow I always figured the disciples were caught off-guard by Jesus' arrest and trial and crucifixion. 

Pastor has told us again and again that Jesus told them repeatedly what was coming.  There are even several story-headings in my Bible that say "Jesus predicts His death" or "Jesus predicts His death a second time" or "third time." 

But there at the start of Matthew 26, already halfway through Holy Week, it's there again, in plenty of specificity.  Two more days.  At the Passover.  Delivered up to be crucified.

It's not even like the guys had to remember for a couple of weeks.  Or wonder how it was going to happen.  How much plainer could He be?!

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