Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Sometimes it takes a while for the pieces to come together for me.

Piece #1:  Psalms 113-118 are a unit (the "Hallel" or "praise") used in connection with the Passover.

Piece #2:  When the Lord called Abram, He promised that, in Abram's seed, all the nations of the earth would be blessed.

Piece #3:  The Jews of Jesus' day thought they were the bees' knees, and that Gentiles weren't worthy.  Now, granted, that promise to Abraham was getting a mite "back-in-time" from their perspective.

Piece #4:  The Jews of Jesus' day were still singing the Hallel at Passover.  You can even see record of it in the chants of Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. 

Piece #5:  Psalm 117 is about the Gentiles praising the Lord for His merciful kindness.

Wouldn't this mean that the people singing this liturgy should've gotten it that God's love is for the whole world and not just their own little selves?

(Shhh.  You don't suppose there are things in that we blow right past in the liturgy, singing without realizing what we're saying?...)

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