Thursday, February 06, 2014

Recent Days

Snow removal.  Never-ending snow removal.

Working extra hours.  Hooray that the office will soon be fully staffed!

Fighting illness and recuperating from injury.

Some proofreading for CCA.

More snow-shoveling.

Maggie and I doing some art-history study for her schoolwork.

Some fretting and grieving.

Trying to keep up the exercise at Curves.

A trip to visit my mom.

A family gathering when Mandy and Paul came for "Christmas" in mid-January.

More snow-removal.

Andrew started spring semester for nursing school.  This meant a decrease in work hours for him, and an increase in studying.  Lots of studying.  Lots of homework.  Tough stuff.  But he's doing it.

And seriously.... we have to go out and shovel snow again?!

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