Saturday, February 08, 2014

Knitting Doctor #4's Scarf

Paul mentioned in 2012 that he'd like a Dr Who scarf for Christmas.  I didn't like what I found online.  So for this Christmas I decided to knit one.

Now, I'm not much of a knitter.  When I saw the real scarf in The Day of the Doctor, I realized my colors were a little off, and my garter stitch probably should've been a purl stitch.  But overall, I'm pleased with the results.  It's a comfy wool scarf that's machine-washable.  And the colors are gorgeous.  And it's 16 feet long!

And you know what's really cool?  I suspected [aka, feared] that knitting would increase the arthritis pain in my wrists and finger joints.  It didn't.  Quite the opposite!  Knitting helped.  Now I'm trying to convince myself to keep knitting -- even if there's nothing to be made -- just for the sake of the comfy therapy and pain relief that the knitting provides.  And maybe, as a side benefit, I could become adept at purling.  Or ribbing.  Or other pretty stitches.

But for now, I am pleased as punch about this scarf!

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