Friday, December 06, 2013

Those Blasted Cell Phones

Once upon a time, we had no answering machines.
Once upon a time, we would go on vacation, away from the telephone for an entire week.

Today people get itchy if they leave the cell phone at home for an hour or two of errands.  What if they miss something?  People!  People!  It's good to be away from the phone sometimes!

An online article recently pointed out what happens when teens have constant contact with their friends via texting.  They end up with nothing to talk about in-real-life.  And they have no incentive to spend time together in-real-life. 

Try it.  Fight the addiction.  Turn off the phone for a couple of hours a day.  Say no to the stress of always being available to dozens of friends.


  1. I admit I have some cyber-addiction. But I'm happy to say this is not part of it. I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't text and who typically leaves the cell phone in the car or purse or some other place I can't hear it. Now if I could just cut down on the constant pull to check email and FB on my laptop. . . .

  2. Me too, Cheryl, me too. Except I'm confined to the desktop. I would love to have a more portable computer. But I know my weakness, and it's good for me that I am limited to this one spot.

  3. Susan, while Kelsey and Andrew were dating, the only way they would communicate was either by texting or facebook. One day while planning the wedding, when she told me that she would text Andrew to ask him a question, I told her no, that if she didn't start picking up the phone and talking to him, I was not going to pay another dime toward the wedding. I think sometimes the constant access to texting and facebook keeps people from talking to each other to the point that they don't know how to communicate verbally. Lu