Friday, October 18, 2013

Harry Potter

Is it really that hard to understand that reading a story where the setting includes magic and witches is not the same thing as practicing witchcraft?

Is it really that hard to understand that dressing up as a robot, a crayon, or a dragon, and distributing (or receiving) candy, is not the same thing as Satan worship?


  1. It is for some, not me. I am Lutheran but still like to read books about other faiths, i.e., Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Quaker, etc. I'm still Lutheran. Probably not the same as reading Harry Potter or distributing candy, but just wanted an opinion.

  2. But you just CAN'T let kids read a book about someone who decides to give up his own life so that all his friends will survive and who then comes back from the dead to overthrow the most evil person in the world.

    I mean, seriously, who would ever want someone reading such a story???