Saturday, September 14, 2013


Earlier this summer, we had to change filters on the Culligan water filters.  But after the maintenance, something went wrong.  The line keeps clogging.  We fix it.  The water works for a couple of days.  Then it clogs again.  Right now, we're buying water in town about 5 times a week.

Earlier this summer, I fixed the dryer.  Since then, the machine runs fine, but the exhaust vent keeps detaching from the exhaust hole through the window.  I keep fixing it. 

Last year, after I fixed the old [smaller] refrigerator, the temperature problem returned.  We struggled with puddles of water in the refrigerator for months until I finally fixed it a few weeks ago.  Well, at least, I think I fixed it.  Problems seem to recur around here recently.  I still hold out hope that the fridge is fixed-fixed.

Over the last couple of weeks, my computer has been misbehaving.  So my job-of-the-week has been to carefully transfer files and back up everything, with the plan of wiping the computer clean and reinstalling everything.  That scares me.  But it needs to be fixed.

At my doctor's appointment this week, he diagnosed what's wrong with my wrists.  It's not carpal tunnel after all.  It's arthritis, especially at the base of my thumbs.  That explains the brokenness in my hands.  There's really no good solution for it.  But at least I know what it is and what some of the options are.

All the neighbors have lawn tractors.  We have two push mowers.  The older one died (beyond resuscitation) today.

I'm beginning to think it's time to give up on gardening.  I love the fresh produce.  But the work required doesn't seem to mesh with that whole arthritis-thing.  Or maybe I'm just a wuss.

If you will excuse me, I'm headed back to my Project List Of Repairs.


  1. Every time I do laundry, I pray my washer keeps working one more week. Our fridge is too small. My dryer is 40 years old and I have to unplug it if I want to open the door because the switch on the door is busted. Our freezer won't cycle off because it's low on refrigerant.

    I'm about to give up on a vegetable garden, too, simply because all the things that *go with* the veggies are outside of my grocery budget...

    But... the freezer does still preserve my food, the washer miraculously keeps working, and although my basil has gone to waste because I can't buy cheeses and nuts to make pesto, we haven't starved. The Lord preserves our coming in and our going out... blessed be the Name of the Lord...

  2. Sometimes knowing that other people have issues with broken things helps a little. At least you know you're not alone. So here are two of mine:

    The shower drain in our downstairs bathroom has been leaking. When I discovered it, it had been leaking for so long that the floor boards under the washing machine feel squishy. Not a good thing. Rob put boards under the washing machine feet and pushed it back into its place. One of these days (weeks, months), we need to deal with that.

    Also, my latest bone scan shows osteoporosis in my lower back. Not fair. I exercise. :-)

  3. EC, we had a car-situation like your washer. It "should've" been broken. We kept driving way past what was reasonable. But God gave us the gift of having that car continue and continue and continue serving us.

    As for pesto, Erin told me she makes hers with sunflower nuts instead of the regular nuts that you find in most recipes. Much cheaper! And tasty too.

    I hope you two made headway on your projects. And Sandy, I agree with you -- they tell us "do this and you will stay healthy." No fair! We still get old and begin to wither, even if we follow Western medicine's plan to Be Healthy Forever. :-)