Saturday, August 03, 2013

Pure Plastic?

So Andrew comes home with a bottle of water.  FIJI Natural Artesian Water.  It was what was available when he needed to buy some bottled water, so it's what he bought.

When I was washing the bottle for refilling, I noticed the spiel on the label:

Why travel to the South Pacific islands of Fiji for a drink of water?  FIJI Water’s aquifer is in a virgin ecosystem at the edge of a primitive rainforest, thousands of miles from the nearest industrialized continent.  This natural artesian aquifer protects the water until is is bottled at the source and shipped to you.  

So people want pure water from unpolluted sources.  Okay.
And some people are willing to pay extra for it.   Gotcha.

And they package this water in plastic?
That's where they lost me.

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