Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Post about Nothing

(I didn't watch Seinfeld, but I think that's the line people used about the show.)

I found the old Playskool wooden puzzles and brought them upstairs.  Zoe had a great time with them yesterday.  She's just the right age for it. 

Our Culligan water filters needed replacing.  The salesmen think our system is obsolete and should be replaced.  I think they're trying to sell something.  But there's the niggling fear: what if they're right?  What if I'm spending the bucks on new filters, and it turns out to be wasted because the system is too old.  Why, oh why, can't I buy an appliance once and have it last my whole life long??

I was mean to the septic system today.  I put bleach in the wash.  Those white bath towels were looking so grungy.  They're still not white-white, but they look so much better.  Story is that one of my grandmas prided herself on having the brightest whitest laundry around.  She would be horrified at me.

Andrew started full-time work as a CNA.  He works evening shift.  

I'm hungry.  I am SO looking forward to Tuesday or Wednesday -- and a happier gall bladder -- so that I can have soup or burritos or lentils or a pbj or a hamburger or my favorite tilapia recipe.  [drooooool....]

Poor little granddaughter.   Her daddy has crud feet.  And her momma and grandma and great-grandma have crud feet.  Really now -- bunions already when she was two?  Thanks to a generous soul at church passing along virtually new "hand-me-downs," Alia wore Birkenstocks last summer.  This summer she's been aching but unable to explain why -- unable to know that this ain't how it's supposed to be, folks.  But wise Katie managed to figure it out and bought special supportive shoes and inserts.  (Really?  Inserts for a preschooler??  Yikes!)  Child is much happier!

Andrew and I have been hauling wood chips from the town's compost pile.  My plan was to put down cloth in certain weedy spots and cover it with a hefty pile of wood mulch.  I need to cut down on the amount of work around here, and mulch seemed like A Plan.  I'm beginning to wonder, though, if the wood chips are already too composted.  There seems to be a lot of dirt in with the chips.  Maybe I'm just going to end up with shallow-rooted weeds. 

Black raspberries came up volunteer.  Yowza -- I thought red raspberries had prickly thorns.  Nothing compared to these black raspberries.  These delectable little guys are the kind of thing you'd want to plant around your castle, next to your moat.  Yup, a fence of these canes would be some serious protection. 

Met with the lawyer this week about guardianship for Maggie.  After reading the paperwork, it appears that there are less drastic ways of accomplishing what we need, such as Power of Attorney paperwork.  So we're looking into those matters.

If we used Divine Service 3 (aka "page 15") every Sunday for the next few years, I do not think I would get tired of the Lack Of Variety.

Things have been kind of slow at work while our road has been under construction.  I'm looking forward to business picking up again soon.  I hate sitting at work during those occasional 10 minutes stints without customers, knowing that there's plenty to do at home.

The other day, I saw a little girl at the grocery store that looked amazingly like Alia.  When she turned around, it WAS Alia.  You know what?  There's something incredibly joyous about bumping into friends and family at the grocery store.  Rather than leaving with my groceries, I bopped through the store again, just to grab a few minutes with Katie and the girls.  These chance encounters provide a dose of happiness that is unreasonably huge.  Love it love it love it!

We're trying to declutter.  The weekly trash piles have been huge recently.  The give-away trips to Goodwill have been more frequent.  The pile in the garage for a rummage-sale is growing!  "But we could use this for [fill in the blank]."  NO!  Fighting the urge to hoard!!

Maggie is on a Beverly Cleary jag.  I'm just a tad jealous.

Someone here purchased a Wii.  I have mixed feelings.  The other people who live here do not have mixed feelings.

That's enough "nothing."  I probably left out some major stuff from this update.  But my brain is pre-occupied with my tummy ache.  So this is all there is.  For now.

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  1. Your Culligan woes remind me of our air conditioner woes. When we replaced ours a few years back we went with the older, freon-based kind. It was cheaper than the newfangled ones that use a new kind of refrigerant (can't remember what it's called). Contributing to our decision to buy the old style model was the claim of the salesman--I have since wondered if he was being straight with us--that if we bought the more modern type of unit we would need to replace the coolant lines which would mean tearing out part of the ceiling in the lower level and of course more money. Anyway, earlier this summer we had to add freon. We were very low and it was EXPENSIVE. The a/c repairman said that because everyone is going to the new type of unit the price of freon has shot through the roof. The industry is trying to get everyone to switch over. It used to be $10/pound but now is $40/pound. So it looks like we cut costs 6 years ago but are going to pay going forward.