Sunday, July 21, 2013

Decorating Opinions?

Unlike me, some of you have, well, y'know, taste.  And some of you enjoy looking at decorating magazines.  So I'd like to ask for input.

If these are my [ahem] outdated kitchen cabinets,
and if I have no intention of updating them,
and if I'd like a lighter kitchen,

would it work to paint the cupboard doors?

1:  What's trendy is irrelevant.  If I accomplish this project within five years, I'll be patting myself on the back for speediness.

2:  If the cupboard doors were white or some other near-white color and the cupboards themselves remained dark, would the outline of the dark wood look super-tacky, or elegant, or some blah-in-between?


  1. Well, I wouldn't say super-tacky but I would go with either painting doors and the cupboards or stripping the doors and finishing with a lighter wood stain. Light wood against dark wood would (couldn't come up with another word for would) be better than just the doors painted.

  2. If you really wanted to paint just the doors (that's a smaller job than painting everything, so I understand!) I would pick a color that is close in tone to the brown wood.

    So, I wouldn't pick a strongly contrasting color, like white. I might pick a red. Isn't there a red wall in the adjoining living room? Or a grey-blue that's about the same intensity of color. Here's that combination:

    Another option would be to paint doors AND frames of only the upper cabinets and leave the bottoms as they are. Then the uppers will "disappear" against the wall and the kitchen will look bigger and "cleaner" . Here's a sample of that:

  3. I never thought of having the uppers and the lowers different colors, but that looks kind of nice.