Friday, March 08, 2013


"We believe in synergism with regard to sanctification."
I've heard it from a variety of people.
Some even quote one of the "dead orthodox" Lutheran fathers.

And yet,
how does that fit with the catechism?
"I believe that I cannot,
by my own reason or strength,
believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord,
or come to Him,
BUT the Holy Ghost has ...
sanctified me."

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  1. SD II says exactly what you said above, but it goes on in what seems to me to be one of those broad/narrow distinctions.

    The Holy Ghost indeed sanctifies men, creating the new man who delights in this condition and desires to cooperate in the works of sanctification. The Holy Ghost's work is the broad sense, whereby we are sanctified. The new man's cooperation is in the narrow sense.

    Does that make sense? :-)

    I recall reading somewhere, sometime, that the new man cooperates with the Holy Ghost like a fly pushing the back of a horse drawing a cart. I thought it was in the confessions, but I can't find it...