Saturday, January 12, 2013


This two-minute video has been spreading around Facebook.  I finally watched it.  Maggie caught me crying over it.

To direct and defend our president and all in authority;
To watch over and help all who are in danger, necessity, and tribulation;
To grant all women with child, and all mothers with infant children, increasing happiness in their blessings;
To strengthen and keep all sick persons and young children:
We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord.


  1. Susan, when I saw it, I started crying, too. I wanted to ask Curt for some of his flier miles so that I could go. I heard that there are more hotel rooms booked for this than there are for the president's inauguration.


  2. I saw it linked on FB the other day, and I would not click play on it. Since I know you've watched it, perhaps I will watch it now... maybe.

    I know it's January, and that this year marks the 40th anniv of Roe v Wade, but I cannot see, read, and listen to the endless stream of stuff about it that is coming across my FB feed.

    I just can't do it. It is too much. It is too sad. And some of the images are disturbing enough that I wonder if we, on the pro-life side, are only shooting ourselves in the foot by trying to use them to convince those who are pro-choice.

    We do not try to convert people to Christianity by scaring them into heaven with lurid descriptions of the Hell which awaits them. And yet, too often, this is the tactic I see from SOME on the pro-life side.

  3. No pictures of dead babies. The visual part of the video is all: Obama behind his podium, or happy pictures of children and babies, or scenes from previous gatherings at the March for Life.

    The audio is entirely from the president's speech after the shootings in Connecticut. What he said was beautiful and good and right. What made me cry, though, was that he didn't mean "ALL our children" when he said, "all our children."

  4. I finally watched. Do any of you know what our president or his office staff or others are saying in response to this ad? I'm afraid to go look.