Monday, August 06, 2012

Arnica Gel

Because I bruise easily, I know that every single bump into a corner of a counter-top, a piece of furniture, or a car door, will result in a bruise. A tube of arnica gel is sitting in my bedroom to alleviate carpal tunnel pain.  As I had done with my inadvertent aloe experiments, a week ago I experimented with the arnica.  Arnica on only one of the bruised spots.  The newer bruise (which was just as deep, with the same amount of pain as the older bruise) healed much faster, much more comfortably. 

How does it DO that?!

That arnica is awesome stuff!  And no, I don't get paid by the Arnica Foundation to wax eloquent about this amazing herb.   :-)


  1. caution...awful grammer..and punctuation; yup!! just ask dr. mom, and do you really want to know how it works?

  2. Have you tried a brace for the carpal tunnel pain? I wear a brace on each hand at night. Stops it completely. I wash them every 6-8 weeks, or so. They have lasted a really long time. Mine have metal in them to hold your hand in a better position.

  3. I have used the brace when it's worse. I find that using the brace during the day helps more than wearing it at night. But then it gets in the way. Dirty jobs (like weeding) and wet jobs (like washing dishes) and sticky jobs (like kneading) mean I must remove the brace. I think you're right, though -- if I wear it at night, that would be better than nothing.