Monday, July 09, 2012

The Wonders of a Washcloth

Someone who shall remain unnamed was complaining to me a few months ago about the bath towel getting stinky.  I kept wondering how a towel could be taking on body odor when you just washed yourself, and you're clean, and the towel is only for drying.   A puzzle to me!

I was raised to use a soapy washcloth in the shower or bath.  Some people use just a bar of soap to lather up.  Hey, I remember seeing those Zest commercials back in the day!  I always wondered where the washcloth was!  In these recent toasty summer days (in which people may be adding a quickie-shower or two to the regular daily shower) I made a discovery.  When you rub yourself with the bar of soap, lathering up, you don't get as clean as when you use a washcloth.  Stinky sweaty body doesn't come as clean.  And the towel takes some of that stink from the body.  Ick.

Hopefully this means we have discovered how to keep the towels fresh for more than a couple of days.


  1. I was raised to Hang Up The Towel, as well. I'm always amazed at people who use a towel once, then put it in the laundry! No wonder you have so much laundry! No wonder your towels get sour! They stay wet!

  2. I think the biggest factor in towels keeping their fresh smell is to make sure they're hung spread out so that they can air out quickly and dry without getting the stinky mildew smell.

  3. Good point, you two. I just take it for granted that towels need to be hung flat. When we have company, they may be hung on hooks, but I figure those are going to have to be tossed in the wash after a day or two anyhow (when the company leaves, that is).

  4. There is someone in this house who doesn't use a washcloth and makes towels stinky. His identity will be kept a secret. )
    Hanging towels has been an issue in this house because there is no place to hang towels as we are redoing things. I hang mine in my room, and now Andrew hangs his in his bathroom. It has taken a LOT of nagging to keep people from putting wet towels in hampers (why is that hard????.)

  5. Jane, at my parent's house, each bedroom has one or two towel rods either on the back of the door or on the wall near the door. My dad did that because the bathroom is REALLY tiny - there's hardly room for a hand towel, never mind everyone's bath towels.

    It's worked really well over the years! (Of course, the personages of the house still must remember to hang the towels...)