Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I love plumbing.  I love it when I can wash my hands by turning a faucet handle, and the water just comes pouring out the spigot.  I love being able to flush when we use the toilet.  I love being able to do one load of laundry, instead of cramming all the laundry in during the evening while we're taking showers.  I love being able to wet a washcloth to wipe crumbs off the kitchen counter. 

And we don't have water all over the basement from leaks.  We still have an intermittent problem with the hot-water tank, occasionally getting small puddles on the basement floor. But the well's pressure tank is intact and operative -- and not spewing water.  And the well's pump is repaired.  After nine days of struggling with water problems, I am again appreciative of the joys of indoor plumbing that works!  Ahhhhh.....

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  1. Hooray that you have working water again! I love water too. Right now I love water that is safe to drink as it comes out of the faucet. It's so easy!