Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Opposite Problem

When Herod wanted to know where to find this interloper, this baby that the Magi were wanting to worship, he asked the dudes who knew the Scriptures.  Pastor pointed out in class today that, even though he didn't believe, Herod knew that the Bible would tell him the correct answer to what he wanted to know.

That happens again and again.  Balak didn't believe in the Lord, but he paid off one of the Lord's prophets to curse the Lord's people.  The people of Jericho didn't believe in the Lord, but they knew what the Lord had been doing on behalf of His people.   There are many other examples of unbelievers who knew the Bible to be a reliable source of historic information.

But look at what is rampant in the Church today.  Today we have Christians (who presumably do believe in the Lord) who don't believe the Scriptures to be reliable information.  "Did God really say...?"  They don't believe that Jesus did miracles.  They don't believe that Jonah was swallowed by the large fish.  They don't believe in a six-day creation.  They don't believe the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea in the miraculous way described in Exodus. 

Isn't it weird that even unbelievers used to know the veracity of the Scriptures, and today even the believers do not believe them?  The devil is surely pattin' himself on the back over this one.

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