Tuesday, July 03, 2012


In the movie Passion of the Christ, I really like how we see Christians in Pilate's court and in Herod's court.  They're there, observing with grief, but still serving their employer in their stations of life. Seeing as how the apostles had disappeared, some other disciples reported what happened during Jesus' trials before Herod and Pilate. 

Luke 8 tells us that Mary Magdalene, Susannah, and Johanna (the wife of Chuza who was Herod's steward) hung around Jesus and the guys and provided monetarily for the group. 

One of our recent Bible stories for daily prayer was the story of John's beheading.  But Peter wasn't there at the party.  And since Mark was from Judah and not Galilee, he wouldn't have been there either.  Somebody who was there had to report that story.  And that probably would have been Chuza. 

This goes under the category of "We are not Enthusiasts.  The Holy Spirit works through means."

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