Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Hey, Pastor!'

Alia has been leery around Pastor.  He has a beard; she doesn't like beards.  She knows enough of her catechism to recite and get several stars on the chart.  But she won't do it.  Today (again!) Katie thought she might.  But no.  Alia didn't want to talk to Pastor.  He tried engaging her, playing around a bit, but no, she would alternately giggle and cry. 

And then, when the stroller was packed up and Katie was headed out the door, she started with, "Hey, Pastor!"  He was trying to do several things at the moment, as well as trying to talk to the organist about one thing and the secretary about another.  But Alia persisted in a quiet little voice, "Hey, Pastor!  Hey!  Pastor!!"  I flagged him down and pointed to the child. 

She began prattling on to him about going to the library, that they were having a picnic-storyhour today, and they had blankets that Nanna gave them.  He asked about what they were eating, and she talked to him about that.  Pretty soon, the conversation ended, and Alia left with a smile.

She didn't recite today.  But she had a conversation with Pastor.  This is a happy thing!


  1. That's good. She told me yesterday that she thought she might be getting less scared of Pastor Bender since she found out he was a funny robot. (Guess who's been watching Futurama with the girls around...)

  2. This makes me smile. There was one little girl who wouldn't go near my hubby for the longest time, even though she saw him also in her home while the parents were playing games. But now by the age of four she doesn't go past him without smiling ever so sweetly, hugging him, and saying, "I love you Pastor."

  3. Alia's Daddy should grow a beard. Then she won't be afraid of them. :)

    Audrey hugs our pastor every time she sees him and thinks he's just fabulous. Then again, she also thinks he's Jesus, no matter how many times we explain it to her. I suppose it's a good thing she *runs* into "Jesus'" arms every Sunday to give him a hug.

  4. When Alia's daddy starts to grow a beard it's a no-go. Not even Papa got hugs when he had a beard.

  5. My SK avoids the pastor. :-( She's shy around him.

  6. EC, Alia has been too. The chattiness on Thursday was a pleasant surprise to me.

    Zoe, on the other hand, thinks he's fabulous. She loves his chasubles waving as he conducts the choir. She likes it when he speaks to her after church when everybody is leaving and shaking hands with the pastor.