Saturday, July 21, 2012

Comfort Foods

Oh, they tell us not to give a kid a cookie to cheer him up.  They say it's bad to find comfort in food.  Depressed?  Don't you dare have a bowl of ice cream.  In a cranky mood?  Don't find your solace in making your favorite supper.  M&M's when life seems overwhelming?  Shame on you.

BAH.  Humbug.

Personally, I like taking comfort from comfort foods.

But then you get older.  Pizza may make your mouth happy and lift your spirits.  But your stomach says, "Excuse me?  Pizza?  It's 9:30 in the evening, you fool!"  Snickers make you feel better for 10-20 minutes, but then you pay for it later.

So where do you find comfort when you know that you really really really ought to exercise self-control, and not have that rum&coke, not have that 8 oz bag of candy bars, or not have that third slice of pizza?  (Did I say "third"?   Uh... I meant "second."  Well, no.  I meant "first."  Shoot.  You're never going to believe me, are you?)

The chocolate cookies on the counter are calling my name.


  1. When you figure out the answer please let me know!

  2. You could suddenly develop a food allergy in your mid 30s. That's the route I took. (hahaha) It's not fun, but it does work...

    My "comfort foods" are now things like: good cheese. A gin and tonic. A dark beer. Really good coffee.

    It's not quite the same thing, but it's at least something.

  3. Jane, the pop and the ice cream make me feel cruddy enough that it's pretty easy to maintain self-control. But avoiding the foods with melted cheese? Argh!

  4. One trick that I use is to eat light yogurt with some chocolate chips stirred in, but I use a baby spoon and eat it real slow. It helps with a sweet/ creamy craving. Good luck and post if you get any good ideas!