Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Quick Run-down of Recent Events

My sister's baby was born.  He was a few weeks early and spent time in NICU because he just can't seem to stay warm.

Gary's mom was hospitalized the same week Matthew was born.

I'm subbing at work again this week, third week out of four.  Next week I think I'm back to a more manageable number of hours.

Lots of rain.  Garden is still on hold for the sake of mud.

Katie and Nathan and girls are moving to a new apartment later this month.

Maggie has testing next week at the public school.  We have an IEP meeting planned for the end of the month.  Then we have to decide what to do with their recommendations.

Andrew finishes his spring semester at the end of next week.  Then he and Olivia are going to prom that weekend.

I'm finishing up two different editing projects. 

Gary had some interviews regarding a different position with the company he works for.

And a lot of other stuff that is important, but not so succinct ....

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