Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"But I Heard What You Said"

I'm trying not to be paranoid.

There are people who are nice to me.  At least, they're nice to my face.  But I hear them talk behind other people's backs ... and be nice to their face.

So why should I think they're not talking about me behind my back?

It makes me want to clam up and hide in self-defense, so as not to give them any more ammunition.


  1. We never really outgrow our nasty adolescence do we?

  2. Hey - I'm nice to you to your face AND behind your back. Just to reassure you... :-)

  3. I know you are, Kathy. :-D
    But when I see people who badmouth others in my hearing, I've got to assume they're badmouthing me in front of others. Kind of like the girl who nabs another woman's husband, and then is surprised when he dumps her to cheat with a third woman. Like, uh, helLO....