Saturday, May 05, 2012


Warm days.  Need shorts.

Rather than doing the usual quickie clothes-switch, I did it right this time.  No grabbing a couple of things out of the boxes here and there.  I pulled everything out of the drawers and closets, sorted through everything in storage, and pulled out only enough clothes to be reasonable: several outfits for work, a couple that can be worn to church but wouldn't be allowed at work, and play clothes for only three days per week.

Thrown away:

~ A sweatshirt that was so stained that even *I* was ashamed to be seen it.  Even in the garden.  Same for a pair of shorts that were too small, too-often mended, and horribly stained.

~ My favorite pair of shorts!!  (Eventually cotton simply disintegrates.)

~ Pantyhose full of snags but not actual holes yet.

~ Socks that have two quarter-sized holes (per sock, not per pair) in the soles.

Put away:

~ Wool socks that weren't worn during winter because I wore my flipflops that make my feet feel wonderful in spite of the cold.

 ~ Jeans that are too tight -- because I intend to fit into them again.

~ Sweatshirts and other warm sweaters that were necessary before middle-aged hormones warmed me up. 

~ Same for the CuddleDuds.

~ Lovely dresses that crowd the closet, but are otherwise fine and will be hauled out another year.

~ Same for the T-shirts that bring back memories, but there are too many.

~ Same for the excess jammies.

~ A couple of beautiful skirts for which I have not yet found matching tops.

Brought out:

~ A couple of sundresses.

~ Shorts.

What was removed greatly outnumbered what was added.  I can [gasp!] open & close my dresser drawers without cramming clothes down into the drawers.  I can find what's in the drawers.  And I can look through the closet. 

"They" say I should get rid of the stuff I put away.  "They" say I won't lose weight and be able to wear it again.  "They" say that you should get rid of something that you haven't worn in a year. 

I say I'm not ready.  Who knows when I'll get the perfect hand-me-down top to go with that skirt I love so much?  If I had enough money to buy an all-new wardrobe every season, it would be different.  If I had enough fashion sense to want to wear up-to-date clothing, it would also be different.  But I know what I like, no matter how frumpy I look.  And I really like "shopping" in my basement instead of heading out to the mall and forking over cash. 

So there. 

(When I'm ready to move into a one-bedroom condo, maybe I'll have the sense to change my hoarding ways.)

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  1. The clothes at the mall are junk; I'll bet the old favorites you've saved are much better made!

    Hope your daughter is feeling better, BTW. :)