Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Boss's View of My Kid

It makes me so gosh-darn proud when my kid's recommendation gets somebody a job!

Katie got her job at Burger King because the manager figured hiring any of Philip's siblings would be a good move.

Philip got his job at Borders because Rachel worked there.  But more than that, Rachel's reputation carried enough weight through the whole region that Anthea, Coral, and Maria were hired at other Borders stores.

Tony asked Andrew the other day if he should hire James (one of the guys at church).  Andrew said yes.  Because Andrew had recommended Matthew, and that turned out so well for the boss, the owner decided to take another recommendation from Andrew.

Heeding my kid's recommendation on who-to-hire says a lot about what the boss thinks of the kid's work ethic, reliability, and intelligence!


  1. Just goes to show it's all about who you know . . . . ;-)

  2. That corollary is exactly what I was thinking, Cheryl.

    I got the job at the bank because the gals at my branch knew me and liked me and asked me to apply.

  3. And isn't it interesting that when people say that they usually mean it in sort of a negative way, as in, it's not about your qualifications but about your connections. But really, a recommendation from someone the employer trusts speaks volumes about one's qualifications, doesn't it?