Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Psalm 77 -- The Cliff's Notes Version

Verses 1-9 Asaph says that he keeps praying, but it sure looks like God doesn't care.

Verses 10-14 He says he will remember what God done.

Verses 15-20 Asaph recites the events of the exodus. That stuff was history hundreds of years previous. Asaph wasn't remembering something God had done specifically in his life, at least not something that was unique to his life. Asaph wasn't talking about a recent miracle. He went back hundreds of years; he spoke of the same old events that were sung about in all the hymns, over and over. What kind of help would that be?

All the help in the world!
Our God is funny that way.
Reciting the "same old things" that He did a long time ago, that is where we find our help and our comfort. That is where we learn that His promises are sure and certain. That is where we learn that He is for us.

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