Sunday, March 11, 2012

Perfectly Balanced

After 15 months, I finally had a month where my drawer at work was balanced every day, there was no need to contact customers to correct errors I made, and all my paperwork ran through the "proof machine" without mistakes.  That means I finally made the Perfectly Balanced List.

Thing is, there were a couple of mistakes I made that were the kind that didn't show up in the place that counts toward being perfectly balanced.  So I was feeling guilty for making the list.  (Some way to hit my first time on the poster, eh?)  Then I was the only one from our branch who made it this month, and my boss praised me before the rest of the employees.  More guilt.  Then to top it off, I won the drawing for a restaurant gift-card.  I didn't even know that making the list made you eligible for a prize, but I won it, the very first time I made the list.  More guilt. 

Can I enjoy the lovely dinner-date with Gary even if I know I don't deserve the prize?

At least Gary's having fun with this.  Look at the name of my blog and the reason I chose that name.  Gary keeps laughing at the words "perfectly balanced" being used in conjunction with me in any way, shape, or form!


  1. >Can I enjoy the lovely dinner-date with Gary
    >even if I know I don't deserve the prize?


  2. Oh Susan. You made the list according to the criteria that were set up for qualifying for the list. Your name was drawn at random from those who made the list. I assume you didn't rig the drawing. ;-) You have nothing to feel guilty about it. Go enjoy your meal with that enigmatic hubby of yours!

  3. Ditto what Cheryl said. : )

  4. And since you fulfilled the criteria for being on the list, there's no reason to assume that the others on the list didn't make the same mistakes you did. AND my probability and statistics professor could tell you that, while it was a small chance you would win the prize, it was no larger a chance than any other on the list.

  5. Maybe your pendulum has stopped at the bottom. :-)

    Have fun! Enjoy your dinner.