Thursday, January 05, 2012


Jenny and Jane and Katie are gathering To-Be-Read lists. All my smart friends, reading stuff that intrigues me. But my list has to fit around work and homeschooling and garden and stuff at church. Only part of this list is my plan; most of it is merely my wishlist.

Finishing the Mitford series I started this summer.
The rest of Ivanhoe with Maggie.
Luther on Galatians.
Kleinig's Grace Upon Grace
Wingrin's Luther on Vocation
Maybe reading the Anne of Green Gables series with Maggie next.
To Kill a Mockingbird
Forde's On Being a Theologian of the Cross
Maybe some Gillian Bradshaw or Janette Oke re-reads, unless y'all have some suggestions that are like the Mitford books, not too weighty, that can be read for 10 minutes and put down and left for a week before being picked up again.

I know there are all sorts of reading challenges out there for the new year, often with 100 books listed for the year. No way on earth could I do that. I'll be way ahead of my expectations if I read five books this year.

I feel compelled to apologize. Once upon a time I was a voracious reader.


  1. Alan Kornacki's book would be a perfect fit in your list. It's a lovely story and is not a heavy, involved tome that would be a challenge to read when you're reading in 10 minute segments.

    I once could read much deeper stuff than I can read these days. As soon as I settle down with me feet up, I get interrupted.

  2. I went through years during which I hardly got to read a book. And I have the luxury of allowing myself some time for pure laziness. :)