Monday, January 02, 2012

Snow Blower

Look at that! He's removing snow. And he doesn't have a tool of stick-plus-curved-metal in his hand. This thing has a motor. That's an amazing Christmas gift!


  1. When we moved from MN to ID, one of the first questions people here asked us was if we owned/moved a snow blower. We didn't, dh shoveled over 100 inches of snow by hand last year. That was a relief to people here, we would have been laughed at if we owned a snow blower for the little amount of snow they get here. I do miss the snow though. Congratulations for getting one of those motors for your long driveway!

  2. I think now the trick will be figuring out when it's deep enough to use the machine and when it would be easier to just shovel the snow. What seems trickier is what we've had this week, heavy and mushy, which is a lot of work to move with shovels, but also clumpy in the snow thrower.

    We'll figure it out, though. Yes, we will!