Monday, September 12, 2011

Reservation Glitches

When Gary and I went to check in to our bed & breakfast for our anniversary celebration, we were stunned to find that we didn't have reservations. Did I make reservations at a different bed & breakfast? We called the only other one in Spring Green, and no, they didn't have us down either. We were immensely thankful for the innkeeper who helped us!

This past Saturday, when we returned for Installment #2 of our anniversary celebration in Spring Green, I was dismayed to find that the tickets were dated for Friday. I had ordered Saturday tickets, but it was clear as day that the tickets in my grubby little hands were for the previous day. I thought surely I was losing it! How could I botch up so many things?

But we managed to work out that situation too. And oddly enough, it turned out that another couple we talked to on Saturday also received tickets different from what they'd ordered. And then, today, I received a phone call from the interim innkeeper we'd stayed with last month. (She's like a vacancy pastor or a substitute teacher, filling in when the B&B owner is away.) They are sending us a check for the price difference between the room I'd reserved and the nicer room we ended up taking when we arrived to find that they had no record of our arrival, and someone else in the room we'd requested. It turns out that the very same thing happened the next day to another guest at the B&B.

So now I'm wondering what was going on in the bits and bytes of the Internet over summer. Usually everything flows smoothly. But this many reservations gone wonky? Did anyone else bump into these kinds of glitches in mid- to late-summer?

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