Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nineteen Years Ago

Once upon a time, on this very evening, I was in a fit of vacuuming, mopping, dusting, doing laundry, and washing dishes. Yes, it was late. Yes, the children were already tucked in for the night. It's called "nesting." I remember taking a break to watch Rush; that was the brief stint when he had the television show, and it was less than two months before the Clinton/Bush election.

The next morning, we made it to the hospital in record time; I have no idea what the speedometer might have said. Twenty-two minutes after I waddled into the ER, we welcomed the biggest newborn we'd ever seen.

Annetta and her kids came to visit that morning. A little later Gary fetched our kids. They stopped at the fast food joint across the street from the hospital. The kids rejoiced over burgers and fries while Gary and I dined on steak and champagne. A little later, we took our sweetie-pie home to snuggle and love.
Isn't he just the cutest thing? And he still is!


  1. Sandy, he was 8#. I realize a lot of people have 9#, 10#, or 11# babies, but that's just crazy-big. Andrew was about 20% bigger than all our other kids.

    Meghan, yup, 22 minutes after arriving at the hospital. I didn't want to spend too long at the hospital in labor. I suppose we might have left a little earlier, though. If Gary had driven the speed limit, Andrew might've been born in the hallway between ER and OB. :-)

    Katie, I'm pretty sure Andrew had more hair than all the rest of you put together. Probably twice as much as the rest of you put together.

  2. Hey, it wasn't just burgers and fries. We got happy meals. Happy meals and a little brother. That was a good day. :D

  3. 8# is big - especially when it's 20% bigger than your others.
    I'm one of those crazy people who had 9 1/2 pounders. First one was 9-11. I had a sense that my baby was large when the doctor requested an ultrasound "to see how many were in there". :-)

  4. Wow, look how thin that 9#11oz baby is now! Now, Nat, with his hat size, I can totally see him being a big baby!