Saturday, August 27, 2011

Parkview Field

The ball park was right next door to our hotel in Fort Wayne. It is a most beautiful ball park! Way better than Miller Park or County Stadium or any other major league ball park I've seen. (So, I'm biased -- I much prefer minor league baseball.)

I love the look of the water bouncing in the splash pad in this snapshot! Oh, and the shadows of the water on the concrete! Cool!

"Mom, why are you taking my picture?!!?"

Trying to figure out which window in the hotel was our room.

Alia and Papa checking the computer. (This is not at the ball park. But you figured that out, didn't you?)

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  1. When we left FW in 2003 they were just starting the bidding process on construction (I worked for a General contractor at the time) and I haven't seen it. WOW!